Your Secret Admirer is not so Secret Admirer anymore

  1. ¿Your Secret Admirer is not so Secret Admirer anymore?


If you’re stuck inside swiping left and right Tinder you aren’t alone.

The coronavirus lockdown has many singles trying out their luck on the dating app. And a notification has people mind-boggled.

 tinder secret admirer failed to match

The notification says: “Your secret admirer isn’t so secret anymore… 👀 

If you’ve received the notification and you’re wondering what meaning you’re not alone. When you press the notification you have got the flexibility to decide on one in all four profiles to require a glance at. These are four folks that have swiped right you, and you’ll reveal one in all them. For those that have Gold membership, they’re going to have already got the flexibility to determine folks that swiped right them. Speaking of which, we’ve previously reported on the way to know who liked you without paying for Gold membership. But technically, unless you have got Gold membership, you won’t be able to see folks that swiped right you. So this is often a chance for a cheeky free reveal of somebody who likes you. Then you’ll value more highly to like, superlike, or swipe left on them.

What is this new secret admirer thing??? : Tinder

This isn’t the primary time Tinder has used push notifications. On January 3, 2016, Tinder had its biggest growth day thus far, recording the foremost downloads in a very single day. It also had its most active users in a very single day. Tinder sent out a push notification saying: “Wow! Tinder is alight in your area! Chances of a match are 3X higher right away ( 🔥)””

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