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The internet seems to be changing the ways we do many things.


It began with creating a platform to meet friends from around the world, something that would not have been possible without frequent travels. Then it proceeded to provide a means to establish deeper and romantic relationships with people online, through the emergence of dating sites. It seems we are about to see a new dimension added to the thrills of online dating; Tinder video dating.


Tinder Video dating is the emerging concept that dating platforms are beginning to churn out. With every passing day, more and more dating platforms are improving the concept of online dating to accommodate the possibility of setting up a date online, with the venue being the comfort of the parties’ choice. This means two people can set up a particular day and time to have a date. However, the choice of venue is decided exclusively by each party. Wherever either party chooses to be, the dating is made possible by simply logging into the particular dating app and making use of the video chat option to make the date a reality. With video chat function, you can stay within the confinement of your home wearing some pajamas and engage in romantic dates. Dating platforms like Tinder has witnessed quite a large number of users affirming that they would like to try out the video dating option when video chats become possible on the platform.

Although this sounds awkward, the fact that many online dating sites and apps are seeking for ways to establish video meetups indicates that the future of dating is connected to real-time video communication. The whole concept of video dating is made possible with any internet-enabled smartphone or computer system. With video dating, you need not fret on how to get to the venue on time, what dress to wear, which venue is perfect for the date or how long are you going to spend with your date. All you need to worry about is your device batteries, and of course, a very efficient internet connection. And be rest assured that video dating is cheap and easy since there is no need rushing to space reservations in your chosen restaurant.

What more, video dating removes a dreadful aspect of dating; the question of ‘am I going home with this person’? While you may spend the entire evening to midnight engaging in video date, you are sure that no-one is not going to sweet talk you nor impress you to a point that you find yourself loosening your guards and following such person home. So, while it is not here yet, it is important to start getting ready for the eventuality of video dating.
It is not always easy to confirm just how well new cultures and innovations are embraced, but past events have shown that people will always adopt new ways of doing things as much as it doesn’t impact negatively on them.

What do you think the future of video dating will be like?

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