Top Tinder dates stories  2021

Top Tinder dates stories 2021

I was about to go on this date with a really hot girl who was surprisingly intelligent and whom I met online on tinder APP. I was puffing cigarettes in the smoking area of a mall, jittery, and excited, she tapped my back. We were attracted to each other at first glance. She said some of her friends might go to where we were going because they were supposed to drink. I was unsure about this idea, since I did have an interview for a multinational company I had always wanted to work for the next day?. She worked her charm with me and in no time we were headed to this well-known bar in the outskirts of the city.

I made a self-imposed curfew on myself, knowing that I had to wake up early for my 8 AM interview. We drank, chatted, and laughed. We were having fun and I was forgetting about my curfew. I was too tipsy to do anything about it. Besides, this was the first real date I had since my last breakup, and I could feel that she was starting to get comfortable around me; so carpe diem, I said to myself. In the end I headed home, thanked her for the good time and she went home with friends; Not bad for a first date.

I woke up late with a hangover, groggy, and with my head aching before my interview. I was thirty minutes late. When I went to the interviewer’s room, I was surprised to see my date from last night behind the desk. I was relieved; at least she would understand why I was late. She said hi, did some well-wishing, then proceeded with the interview. I thought I did well in the interview, plus she was the one who interviewed me.

A few weeks passed, still no response from the company. She was in constant communication with me. I didn’t want to ask regarding the interview, for it might ruin our blooming relationship. But after some time, I could not wait any longer and asked her about the interview.

She told me that I should have not come to the interview when I drank that night. She told me that I should have been responsible enough to reschedule the interview, at the very least. She said that she liked my personality, but she didn’t like my character as an employee. I could not believe what I was hearing. So for all you guys and girls out there be aware who you are dating. I never called her back after that.

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