First of all, all tinder profiles are matchable, including those that don’t even have any information.

However, those with a filled bio produced four times as many matches as those who did not complete this part of the profile. They also noticed a slight but significant difference between those tinder users whose biography was too long. The optimum, according to the data collected by these researchers, is to have a “bio” of two or three lines. The photos are also very important, having more success in general terms those that have more photos and, above all, the profiles with real photos (it was also tested with tinder model profiles).

Another difference found by this study, which, we insist, is one of the few (or the only one) that analyzes the generalities of the use of Tinder, is the number of matches between women and men, in an overwhelming way. According to the study, female profiles generally obtain much more attention, crystallized in matches, than male tinder profiles.

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