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 The online dating application Tinder, which has more than 50 million users, points to the trend of the series with an experiment that aims to get a little closer to what Netflix tried with Bandersnatch, the interactive episode of Black Mirror. With the hook of a question – “Who would you spend your last night alive with?” -, Tinder will offer a fiction in which his clients will be able to choose the fate of the characters in the style of the ‘Choose your own adventure’ books. The series will be released in October, as the magazine specialized in entertainment Variety advances.



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  • The series, still without an announced title, but which is known to tell an apocalyptic story, will be uploaded to the Tinder application and viewers can choose the development of the plot by sliding left and right (as is done to approve or dismiss a possible contact for an appointment in the application) to advance the story to where the user wants. The production of the six episodes that will have just closed in the capital of Mexico and has been directed by Canadian actress and director Karena Evans, known for making music videos of artists such as Drake or Jay Rock and television commercials of a well-known brand of sportswear.

Tinder does not rule out the entire fiction (of which a total of two hours have been recorded) on a conventional chain or platform, according to Variety. The series has been recorded in a vertical format to be seen on mobile screens and respect the traditional appearance of the application.


The production has exceeded five million dollars, according to sources consulted by the magazine, and has been shot in natural locations with unknown actors who are starting their career. Making series is part of a strategy that will be made public shortly, a spokesman for the company told Reuters. Approaching the audiovisual world is not something that Tinder sounds weird since Tinder’s parent company, Match Group, is controlled by IAC, founded by Barry Diller, a Hollywood businessman who has been a senior executive in film and television studios like Paramount or Fox where he gave the green light to productions like Cheers, Grease, the Indiana Jones movies, and The Simpsons.

A source from Tinder has told Variety that one of the company’s objectives is to create an algorithm based on how its users make decisions in the series and then look for potential partners with romantic interests based on those decisions.

There are more and more experiments in Hollywood to create interactive fiction content to be consumed on mobile phones and tablets. Netflix did it successfully in Bandersnatch and the future Quibi platform (its release is scheduled for spring 2020) and prepares several series of few minutes with creators such as Steven Spielberg or Michael Hirst (creator of Vikings).

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