Tinder Profile Setup Tips

Tinder Profile Setup Tips

Tinder Profile Setup Tips 2021.

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First impressions count. A lot.

…especially on Tinder. Everyone on the app is swiping through profiles quickly, so getting your pictures, bio, and other information right is essential. Make sure you have a winning profile before you start swiping for the best results.

How to pick pictures for your profile

There are eight golden rules when it comes to selecting pictures for your Tinder profile:

  1. Your first is the most important

Should go without saying, but if your first isn’t a winner, they’re unlikely to check the others. Make it good.

  1. Smile

Because nobody wants to date a sad person.

  1. Avoid Snapchat filters

2012 called and they want their puppies back.

  1. Don’t have too many selfies

Sometimes selfies are unavoidable, but generally you want to show that you’re an interesting person who has friends who take their photos for them. Not a moron who sits in front of the bathroom all day.

  1. If going topless, be subtle

If you have abs, or you’re a girl, or both, there’s no shame in flaunting your assets. Just don’t make it all about your dedication to #gymlife, mix it up.

  1. Camera quality matters a lot

You don’t have time to squint and try to work out what the fuzzy mess of pixels is supposed to be. Neither do they. Quality photography will do wonders to make you look good.

  1. Group photos are ok, but

Please don’t have them as your first photo. This is Tinder, not where’s wally. Group photos down the line are good though- they show you have friends/basic social skills. Go you.

  1. Everyone loves cute animals

You really can’t go wrong with a cute kitten/koala/puppy/tortoise.

  1. Cute babies can be confusing, though

The older you are, the more people will assume they’re your kids. And they won’t bother reading your bio for confirmation.

  1. Holiday snaps are great

Sun ✔ Interesting backdrop✔ You look fun✔ If they’ve been to the same landmark they can relate✔

  1. Leave them wanting answers

If you have any odd photos, maybe you in a weird fancy dress situation, or meeting someone famous, etc. These are great conversation starters.

  1. (Please!) Never make a power point

Really. No. Stop.

How to write a killer tinder bio

Your Tinder bio is arguably half the battle when it comes to getting matches, so here are some dos and don’ts:


  1. Don’t make it too long- you want to be intriguing
  2. Don’t make it a list of demands/requirements which the other person must have
  3. Don’t have any spelling errors, its nt atractive
  4. Don’t leave it blank- what a waste of an opportunity to express your love for doggos
  5. Don’t be rude. Nobody likes rude people, and they won’t spend the time to work out if you’re joking or not.


  1. Include your height if you’re a tall girl and you don’t want to date short guys
  2. Make it personal to you
  3. Use a quote from your favourite film/show/song- let them guess where it’s from
  4. Make it funny
  5. Include emojis

Other gubbins to consider

  1. Including your Instagram is a great way to show off how fun and exciting your life is…
  2. …unless your Instagram is mostly pictures of you snogging your ex. Maybe delete those.
  3. Music choices and a ‘featured song’ are also a great way of expressing your personality
  4. Don’t be afraid to have your job title visible, you can always hide your employer

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