It is not complicated, but the least placed in this matter always have some doubts. Therefore, we are going to explain everything in this guide so that there is no room for error. We will teach you everything you must do to register your new user in this app and start meeting people, but also how to do it through a platform other than a mobile phone or even to do without Facebook for it. If you prefer to put aside social networks but do not want to miss what Tinder offers, this interests you.

Tinder is an application with a lot of potential to make new contacts, friendships or whatever arises through the internet. Its use, quite simple, requires that the user has first registered his profile with various data to be able to form an identity in this network and allow other people to contact him.

Therefore, we are going to explain how to open a new account on Tinder for free step by step. Next, we will review all the points to be carried out depending on the device from which the registration is tried so that there is no doubt or there may be problems when doing so.

Create account from the app on Android or iOS phones
Download and install Tinder and create a free account
Since it is an application very oriented to the mobile field, the usual thing is to use the smartphone to access it and register. If you are going to connect to Tinder from an Android or iOS phone, the first thing you have to do is download the app from the corresponding digital store. That is, you must enter the Google Play Store in the first case or the App Store in the second. Once inside, enter the name “Tinder” in the search bar and install the first result that appears, the official one.

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Once it has been downloaded and installed on your mobile, look for the icon with the white flame in the center in the place where you have your apps and press on it to start the Tinder app.

As soon as you enter, the main menu will show you the main functions of this app and will ask you to log in from your terminal. Here, you have the option to use Facebook or your phone number. On this occasion, we are going to focus on the first one, that of Facebook, since it is the most common. To do this, you have to click on “Login with Facebook” to begin.

When you do this, another menu will appear on the screen in which you will be asked to use an email or phone number linked to the FB account in question, in addition to your password. Enter those that belong to your user in this social network and, when finished, click on “Enter”.

Now, Tinder will ask if the data shown is correct and will inform you of all the details that it will extract from the Facebook account. Check that everything is in order and click on “Continue”. If you want to modify something, you can click on “Edit”, located above the blue button.

After that, the Tinder account registration process leads to the entry of a phone number. You must enter the one you want to link to this user account and, when doing so, click on the “Next” button. It is advisable to indicate the one of the same terminal from which the user is being created.

You will receive an SMS with a 5-digit code to enter in the boxes that appear on the screen. Write it down and click on “Continue” to continue. If you do not receive a message, you can click on “I have not received the code” to find a solution and have the code resent.

By doing this, your account will have already been created on Tinder. You will have to allow access to the internal memory of your mobile phone for data and file reasons, but you can now use the app to find people up close and get to know them easily and comfortably. Done!

Open a Tinder account from your PC or computer
Steps to open Tinder account from computer
Although Tinder is something designed to be used as an app on mobile terminals, the user registration process can also be done through a PC or computer. If you want to open an account on Tinder from your PC or computer, the first thing you have to do is open your web browser and, in the address bar that is available at the top, enter the following URL: https: / /

Once this is done, you will be inside the main page of this application. What you must do now to start opening your account is to click on the button that appears in the right half of the window with the text “Register online”. Do it to get started.

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