How to check  your  Tinder  Match ‘s criminal record ?

How to check your Tinder Match ‘s criminal record ?

How to check the criminal background of your date?

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To use Garbo, Tinder users will need to know their date’s first name and phone number, information they presumably get through chatting online or texting. Garbo will then give them a report of that person’s criminal history, pulling from public records.

There are a few intentional limitations to the report. Garbo is focused on violent crimes, said founder and CEO Kathryn Kosmides. It won’t provide any information on drug possession or traffic violations, “which have a disproportionate impact on marginalized groups,” the companies said in a news release.


Garbo wants to stand apart from other background-check services. It won’t provide people’s emails or addresses, in an effort to cut down on doxing and stalking. Kosmides is a survivor of gender-based violence, she said, and met her abuser on a dating app. She was stalked, she said, and doesn’t want to make that easy for anyone else to do — certainly not by using documents pulled from her site.


Quick question: What’s to stop me from using this product OFF of Tinder? All I need is a last name and/or phone number. so technically I can run this on people OUTSIDE of Tinder correct? Or would they limit it to only matches? But what about a time frame? What if I matched with someone a year ago, and it didn’t work out, so I decided to pull their background report a year later for nefarious purposes? What is this even?

I felt embarrassed when my employer brought up that I have a DUI from years ago on my record. Now women I want to date will also know I’m violent. Just kidding, I’m NOT violent towards women. This is a huge overreach though. Like there is nothing stopping women from baiting several people into a few dates. Then what happens if they say they don’t want you anymore (especially if you’re whole interaction was premised on someone asking others to be in a serious relationship with them). People aren’t honest about what they want on dating apps most of the time and if they are, do you trust them? For example what if its someone who lists themselves as polyamorous and also saying they want something serious. Would you put your neck out on the line if that person might push your buttons and toy with you about exclusivity constantly?

They will make you pay for the background check but they sift through it and let you know on their standards not yours? Then they can pay for half then. Will this “equity background check” make customers wonder if they check a particular demographic they wont possibly get the full check but will with another? Will sowing doubt actually harm the chances of said demographic?

The Note:

The popular dating application Tinder reported that it will implement a function so that users can access the criminal records, and especially the records they may have regarding gender violence, which are recorded after a person makes the corresponding report. .

The measure, which was communicated by the owner of the Match Group application, seeks to “help proactively prevent gender-based violence by providing users with greater transparency and information about the people they connect with.”
To make this function possible, the company announced that it will work in conjunction with Garbo, an online background check platform that houses “public records and reports of violence or abuse, including arrests, convictions, restraining orders, harassment, and other violent crimes.”

This service would be available in the United States during the next few months and it would not be free. However, from the company, they assured that it would have an accessible value for users.
Although still, from the platform, it is not clear how the background checker will work, it is estimated that Tinder will allow customers to see the public records of other people through their names or phone number.

In addition, in order to provide greater security, the different dating applications added more functions to their applications such as photo verification and a video call, to prove that the person is who they say they are.

Due to the increasing cases of femicides, it should be noted that in January 2020, Tinder added a “panic button” function, a tool that serves to store information about an appointment, as well as record the location and allow sending an alert to the emergency of the services, if necessary.

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