How Tinder Works – Learn How To Use Tinder Like An Expert [+ Tricks And Examples]

How Tinder Works – Learn How To Use Tinder Like An Expert [+ Tricks And Examples]

How Tinder Works – Learn How To Use Tinder Like An Expert [+ Tricks And Examples]

how tinder works

Welcome to the most complete guide on how Tinder works in 2020.

Have you heard that Tinder is a very used application? Do you know many people who have dated people out there? Or are you just curious?

In any of the cases in this guide you will learn step by step everything you need to know to be able to use Tinder, create an account, meet interesting people and much more.

This is all you will learn in this guide (you can click on the point that interests you the most)

1. What is Tinder?

Find out what Tinder is and what it can do for you.

2. How does Tinder work?

Learn step by step how this app works.

3. How to download Tinder?

Learn how to download and install the app on your mobile.

4. How to create a good profile?

Learn how to create an attractive profile easily and quickly.

5. How to chat on Tinder?

Chat and have attractive conversations on Tinder.

6. How to get appointments?

Increase your number of appointments by following these three steps.

What is Tinder?

Tinder is an application for mobile phones and tablets (now also available for the computer) that allows you to get in touch and have dates with people who want to meet people, generally with a love / sexual purpose.

To date, it has 20 billion matches and is one of the most popular dating and flirting apps in the world.

In this video you can see the summarized version of this article and with much more energy:

What is Tinder for?

Tinder serves as a complement to meet new people who can attract you in your day to day.

If you do not have time to party or do not have friends who introduce you to girls, sometimes it is difficult to find people that attract you who are free and willing to meet people.

Tinder makes it easy by helping you get in touch with those people who are available and willing to meet someone.

How does Tinder work?

The operation of Tinder is very simple. When you open the application, the interface begins to show you images of people you know and under their images you have two main buttons.

One is a great ❌and the other a great ?. If you choose the red cross you indicate that you do not like that person and if you give the green heart you indicate that you like it.

If you both like each other (that is, you give each other the green heart) that is when you will have a match. And only then can you start talking.

What is a match on Tinder?

A match is a compatibility in the application. It implies that both you and the other person have given each other a “like” and that now you can talk to each other.

Yes, on Tinder you can’t talk to someone  until you have a match  with that person, that is, you can’t talk to whoever you want.

That is why it is important to have a very careful profile, with good photos and a good description, to increase the chances of having a greater number of matches.

Later in this article I will show you how to have a more attractive profile.

What do the Tinder buttons mean?


1. ❌ I don’t like it. Indicate that you do not like or want to meet that person (swiping to the left has the same effect)

two. ? I like it.  Indicate that you liked that person (swiping to the right has the same effect)

3. ⭐️ Superlike . If we give this button our profile will appear prominent and more striking so that we draw more attention to a specific person.

4. ↩️ Rewind . You can rewind to go back if you have rejected a profile inadvertently. Only for Tinder Gold or Plus.

5. ⚡️ Boost.  It allows you to be the most viewed profile in your area for 30 minutes, highlighting your profile to everyone else. Only for Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus version.

How to edit your Tinder profile?

  1. To edit your profile first click on the upper left icon of the application.
  2. Click on  Edit Information  to access the edition of your profile.
  3. From there you can change all your photos, description, etc.

Below you have all the options of your profile that you can modify:

Profile pictures

You can add, delete, or rearrange your profile photos and it is the most important part of your profile and one of the most neglected.

Most people leave the photos by default or put terrifying photos that sabotage them rather than help them, don’t be one of those people.

Smart Photos

When you turn on Smart Photos, Tinder checks your profile photos to make sure the photos most likely to be swiped right always appear first. The operation is quite simple: the system changes the first photo that users see of you, records their responses and reorganizes your photos, placing the ones that get the best response first.

To enable the Smart Photos feature:

  1. Tap on the profile icon at the top of the main screen.
  2. Click on the pencil icon or Edit information.
  3. Touch to move the Smart Photos button to the right.
  4. To activate Smart Photos you must have at least 3 profile photos.

About …

One of the most important parts of your profile, 500 characters to show the most attractive parts of you, of your identity. Here you should include an authentic, honest, inspiring and different description of who you are.

Pay attention to this section as it can greatly increase the% of matches you have.

Later in this article I will show you how to improve this section.

Position, company and school

Simply a way to put where you work / study and your position, it is not very important. (Unless you have an exceptionally cool job)

Show my Instagram photos

Here you can connect your Instagram with your Tinder, which helps a lot to build trust and, if you have a good IG profile, it can help you to increase the match ratio a lot.

But be careful, it is a double-edged sword, if your disgusting Instagram photos you will be taking away chances.

My Cult Song / My Favorite Spotify Artists

A way to connect your Spotify and your favorite songs / artists with Tinder. It is advisable to fill it out so that your profile is more polished, the more specific it is to you, you will filter more people and you will only stay with those that you may like a lot and those that you can like a lot.

Am …

Man, woman or a lot of other gender options (transsexual, bisexual, pansexual, etc).


The age on your Tinder profile is generally connected to your Facebook profile.

If you log into Tinder with Facebook, update your age on your Facebook profile and the change should be reflected on Tinder within 24 hours.


The name of your Tinder profile is usually connected to your Facebook profile.

If you log into Tinder with Facebook, update your name on your Facebook profile and the change should be reflected on Tinder within 24 hours.

Basic app settings

Tinder has a series of basic settings that control what kind of profiles are shown to you, what age range, etc.

They are all of the following:

Maximum distance

It is used to choose the distance range where you will find the girls you want to meet. You can select between a minimum of 2 km and a maximum of 160 km.


This is where you choose which gender you want the application to show you. Simple.

Age range

You choose the age range that you want the profiles that you are going to see on Tinder to have. I recommend that you let yourself be surprised by ages that normally would not attract your attention.

Show me on Tinder

If this option is, your profile is shown to other people. If your profile is deactivated, it will not go out to other people but you can continue chatting with the people you have already matched.

Web profile

You can choose your username as in any social network. In addition, you will have a web address from which you can access your profile from any computer or mobile, without the application.


Activate and deactivate the alerts that you want Tinder to notify you on your mobile phone (new matches, messages, message likes, super likes).

At the bottom, you can log out or delete account (although if you want to delete your account I will explain exactly how to do it below).

Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold

Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold are the premium (paid) options of Tinder, they have different extra functions that improve the experience and possibilities with the app.

If you want to know more:
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How to download Tinder?

Downloading Tinder is super simple. As it is a well-known app, you can download it from the two most popular application stores. The Play Store, Android and the Apple App Store.

Next I will explain step by step how to download Tinder and how to install it regardless of the mobile you have.

How to install Tinder for Android

  1. Search for “Tinder” in the Play Store and open the app file or click here to open it directly.
  2. Click the Install button  to start downloading and installing Tinder.
  3. Click on the application on your mobile to open it.

How to install Tinder for Iphone

  1. Search for “Tinder” in the App Store and open the app file or click here to open it directly.
  2. Click the Get button  to start downloading and installing Tinder.
  3. Click on the application on your mobile to open it.

How to create an account on Tinder


Now that you have Tinder installed, the next step is to create an account in the application to start meeting people.

  1. Open the Tinder application on your mobile by clicking on it.
  2. Choose the option to enter with Facebook (the most common and fastest option).
  3. You can also enter your phone number directly.
  4. Once inside you will have to choose your photos and your description (in the next section I give tips so you can do it better)

If you don’t want to use Facebook:
How to use Tinder without Facebook? [3 Easy Options]

How to delete your Tinder account

  1. Go to Settings  >  Delete Account  and click it, it’s at the bottom.
  2. You will get the option to  Delete my account , click to delete it permanently.
  3. You also have the option of giving  Pause my account , that way you can keep it without anyone seeing you to return to your account in the future if you feel like it.

How to create a good profile?

Creating a good Tinder profile is the most important thing to get many matches and get to know enough people who attract you.

If you want to understand how Tinder works, you have to have a good profile.

Without a good profile you do not generate any stimulus, and if you do not stimulate you are not giving the other person any reason to like your profile or to match you

And as you well know, without matches you won’t meet anyone on Tinder (which is what happens to the vast majority of men).

But I want you to do well …

That is why I am going to teach you 5 keys to improve your Tinder profile so that you have more matches.

5 Keys to creating a good Tinder profile

1. Make your profile picture how you would go on a date

Your first photo is the most important, as most of the time it will be the only photo the other person sees. If that photo doesn’t appeal to you, you won’t stop to see more.

Therefore it is important that you take care of your first photo especially if you want to increase the number of people you meet.

For your first photo to be attractive, it is best to think about it in the same way that you would think about a first date. If you have a date, you will probably take care of your image and try to like it, with your first photo you should do the same, if you put it without thinking it will be ineffective, but if you put love and try to like your first photo, it will work much better.

2. Don’t use all images in the same context

Do you see this picture? It is what YES should be done.

One of the worst mistakes when creating a good Tinder profile is not paying attention to the photos that make up your profile.

The vast majority of people do not have many good photos of themselves and the few that they do have tend to be in very similar contexts.

  • For example, if nightclub photographers take photos of them when you go out to party, they will have a lot of party photos.
  • Or if you go hiking in the mountains a lot, all your photos are in nature.

The problem with this is that a person who does not know you does not know anything about you and will form an image about you entirely with what you show them.

That is, if you only have party photos you will give the image of being a crazy party animal, even if you only go out once a month.

The best thing you can do to avoid sending distorted messages about who you are is to have a series of photos in different contexts that communicate different parts of your personality, thus you will communicate a broader and more global image of who you are and will like you more.

3. Use an image that serves as a hook

On Tinder you are always competing.

Like your profile, there are hundreds of thousands of profiles of other men who have the same goal as you. And the girl finds everyone.

Therefore, it is not enough to have normal or ordinary photos, we need to give the other person a reason to choose us over the others.

If we offer the same as the rest, we will obtain the same result as the rest, so, if you are not a model, your profile should have a photo that serves as a hook.

A photo that serves as a hook is an image that gives the other person a compelling reason to tell us something about it. It may generate curiosity, interest, we may be doing something different or exciting. The image above, for example, can make someone wonder if you have been working in a college, or in an NGO or simply if you are a lot of traveling the world.

4. Don’t leave your description empty

Leaving your description empty is a very bad idea, do you know why?

Exactly, because that is what most of the people really do.

Ok, yes, I admit one thing, it is better to have an empty bio than a very bad one.

But if you have an empty description all the weight will fall on your photos and, unless you have very good ones, you will be missing many opportunities.

If you want to increase the% chance of getting matches, don’t leave your description empty.

Write something in your description! But please don’t write as a resume. There is nothing less attractive than describing things about us in a logical way “I am funny, interesting and different. Bad news, reading that does not convey to me that you are any of the 3 things.

5. Communicate the coolest thing about you, like a trailer

The vast majority of people fill their profile with a lot of information (images and text) without thinking for a single second.

They put up the first photos they find, write the first thing that comes to mind, and then they are surprised not to be successful.

But if you don’t pay attention to what you’re transmitting, it’s probably not very attractive.

Imagine that in a movie trailer they put us random scenes from the film, one that in a moment they are going to eat, another when the protagonist wakes up …

You probably wouldn’t go see that movie, right?

You have to design your profile like a movie trailer. What do they do in a trailer? They choose the best scenes that represent the film and that stimulate the most so that you want to go see it. They don’t cheat, they don’t lie, they just teach the best. It’s the same thing you should do with your Tinder profile.

How to chat on Tinder?

Having an attractive profile is the first, it will guarantee you to have more matches, but not necessarily more appointments.

Why? Because right after the match we will have to chat and talk with that girl that we liked, and if we do not know how to do it we can spoil everything.

To avoid that, it is important that what you communicate is stimulating and effective and for that I am going to teach you 3 keys to turn your conversation into a machine to convert appointments.

3 Keys to chat like a pro on Tinder

1. Send a first differential message

There is nothing that destroys your chances of getting a date more than a ” hello pretty .”

“Hello beautiful / hello how are you / hey how was your day” can be some of the most repeated, hackneyed and cliché phrases when it comes to flirting online.

So much has been said and repeated so much that receiving them creates a terrible feeling of boredom and sabotages you.

Your first sentence must be different and original to be effective. Sometimes just with a little creativity we can ask the same information in a new way. For example instead of asking “how was your day?” We can ask “what was the most exciting thing that happened to you this month?” They have probably wondered less and raised cooler memories.

2. Talk about the subjective

Imagine the following situation …

We are friends and you have just arrived from a 3 week trip in Paris. I, who may be very curious about the city, I ask you what about the people of France, what about the architecture of Paris, if it was very expensive or not …

And all that is very good, but the answers are not going to help me to know your experience.

This, although it seems obvious, we do it constantly. We prioritize questions on objective and general topics than on subjective and personal experiences or sensations.

Remember, always ask about what brings you closer to the other person.

Put aside the general questions and ask about subjective experiences and experiences. Instead of asking “how were the people of Paris?” Ask “what was it that most excited you about Paris?”, so you will get to know the other person much more.

3. Ask “Why?”

Why? is one of the best questions in communication.

I daresay it is almost a magic question.

To start asking questions in general is a good idea, according to this study from Harvard University there is a direct relationship between asking a greater number of questions and liking the other person more.

But of course, the questions must be quality questions.

What are quality questions? Those that give us quality answers.

Asking “do you like dogs?” It is not a quality question because it can only be answered yes / no and it gives us very little information about the other person.

However, it can be turned into a quality question by asking another question below.

The why.

If you ask a question and the other person responds with very little information, immediately afterwards ask “why?” to your answer. Following the previous example, if we ask “do you like dogs?” and they answer “yes” we will have very little information, but if we then ask “why?”, we will have a much longer and cooler answer.

How to chat on Tinder?

Get more appointments, what we all want and yet what very few get. Almost all the people are talking and talking through the applications without getting anything or worse.


The vast majority of cases because they do not master the two main things that you have already begun to learn.

  1. Or they don’t have an unattractive profile.
  2. Or your messages are terrifyingly boring and they don’t know how to chat.

If you have read this far you will have already learned how to improve both, however you may not yet be getting all the appointments you would like.

To solve that I am going to give you 3 more keys that will help you increase the% of appointments you can get through Tinder.

3 Keys to having more dates on Tinder

1. Move to another platform as soon as possible

Many people are afraid to move forward or propose, or just don’t think about doing it.

As a consequence, they start the conversation on Tinder, follow the conversation on Tinder, and end the conversation on Tinder.

This is a problem for several reasons:

  1. On Tinder the girl can be talking to a lot of guys other than you who can be a distraction.
  2. The girl can get overwhelmed with the application, take it away and we lose the way to contact her.
  3. In Tinder we are one more name along with many others, however if you save us on your mobile, for example, we are already a contact in your agenda, along with your friends and family.

So I recommend that whenever you can go to another platform and do not get stuck on Tinder.

The best option is always to go to WhatsApp, you will be one step closer to the appointment, it will have you in the same place where it has all the people close to it and if Tinder is removed it will not affect you. However, if the other person does not feel comfortable giving their number, an alternative option is Facebook or Instagram.

2. Make plans more attractive and send invitations

Do you know which is the most common invitation when proposing an appointment?

  • Let’s have a drink
  • Let’s share a coffee


Most people know how to come up with a challenging plan because they don’t make challenging plans. Therefore they do not have the necessary information to later invite something cool.

If you want to know more:
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When I go to a new place I try to sign up for all kinds of cool plans, events, live music, get to know interesting and different places …

First I will have a better time and do different things and then when I want to propose something to a girl I will have a lot of options in mind.

The best thing to do is to organize a plan for yourself that you feel like doing and then invite her to that plan. This is good for a number of reasons. First you invite her into your world, to what you already enjoy doing and help her get to know you, second, in the worst case scenario if the appointment is canceled you still have a cool plan that you want to do.

3. Always advance

Does the following situation sound familiar to you?

You start talking to a girl on Tinder, the conversation is going well, you start to like it a bit and she has even given you WhatsApp, you keep talking there and yet you never get concrete.

You talk and talk for days or weeks, you get to know each other more and more, you know everything about each other but nevertheless you never get to have an appointment.

Many of my students have gone through exactly that, it seems that everything is going well and yet, without knowing why, they cannot make the appointments.

The problem is always the same, they do not advance enough.

You have to understand that Tinder is a tool and not a medium. We can use it to get more dates in person, but it is not recommended to use it as a means of meeting someone. Why? Because it will always be more interesting to meet someone face to face, therefore whenever you can go ahead and make an appointment. It is better to get a rejection on time than to never get anywhere.

Recap and additional questions

Below I summarize the most important doubts about how tinder works and add questions that you may have and have not yet been answered:

What is tinder and what is it for?

Tinder is an application for the mobile / tablet or PC, which is used to meet people online who are interested in flirting, dating or meeting other people.

How to create a tinder account?

To create an account on Tinder you have to have a Facebook account or a phone number, download the application or go to its website and click on the option to register. Then you choose if you prefer to do it with your Facebook account or with your phone and then you simply follow the steps by filling in the information they ask for. It is a very simple process.

How to enter tinder?

If you want to enter Tinder you can do it from the android application , from the application for iphones or directly from the PC through its website.

What is the match on tinder?

The match in tinder is when you have indicated that a profile of a person you like and that person has also indicated that your profile likes it, when you both indicate that you have liked your profiles reciprocally a match occurs, and only at that moment you can start talking.

How to remove a match from tinder?

Within the conversation with the person you want to remove the match, in the upper right corner you will see an ellipsis, clicking there will give you the option to undo the match.

How to send a message on tinder?

When you have a match with another person the application will notify you, at that moment if you go to the messages section you will see that the profile of your matches will be available to send them a message and start talking.

How much do they charge you on tinder?

Tinder is free, but you have the option to contract Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold, which are two of Tinder’s premium options that add extra functions and that are paid.

What is tinder Plus?

Tinder plus is a premium version of Tinder that adds functionalities such as being able to give unlimited “likes”, being able to see profiles from anywhere in the world, it gives you 5 Superlikes a day, a Boost a month … If you want to know more you can read my article on tinder plus .

How much does tinder Plus cost?

The price of Tinder Plus changes in each country and time since they offer different offers, right now in 2019 the prices of Tinder plus are: € 8.79 if you hire a month, € 5.13 a month if you contract 6 months and 4, € 03 per month if you contract 12 months directly.

What is tinder Gold?

Tinder Gold is an improved version of Tinder Plus, it simply adds an additional function to all the functions of Tinder Plus, and this function is the possibility of always knowing who has “liked” your profile and being able to see it.

What does the tinder star mean?

The tinder star is the super like feature.

What is a super like on tinder?

A super like is a way to indicate to a specific person that you liked their profile a lot, if you use it, that person will see your profile highlighted in another color among all the other profiles and it will attract more attention. With free Tinder you can only send 1 super like a day.

What is tinder lightning?

Tinder’s beam is the boost feature.

What is a tinder boost?

A boost is a function that allows you to be the priority profile in your area for 30 minutes, that means that for 30 minutes people who are using the application will see your profile above many others.

How do you chat on tinder?

Once you have a match with someone and you send them a first message, you have to start a stimulating conversation asking interesting questions that help you get to know that person while you let yourself know.

How do I change my tinder name?

Your name on Tinder is usually associated with your Facebook account, so changing the name of your Facebook account will change your name on Tinder.

What to do when I have a match on tinder?

The best thing you can do is initiative and send him a fun, original and stimulating first message. Don’t wait for the other person to text you.

How to delete tinder account?

First you have to go to the option of “My profile” and at the bottom click on “Delete account”, finally you click on the “delete account” button of the window that will appear and that’s it.

What is social tinder?

Tinder social was an old Tinder feature, which no longer exists, which allowed you to use Tinder with friends and be able to make group matches to meet groups of people and make new friends.

How to enter tinder from the PC?

You simply have to go to the website of and click on the Login button at the top right of the page.


Congratulations on getting here!

If you’ve reached this point it means two things:

  1. You already fully understand how Tinder works.
  2. You already know the basic keys to have a better profile, better conversations and more appointments on Tinder.

But even so at the moment of truth you may still have a problem or difficulty, after all the world of seduction and communication is infinite and things that we do not have can always happen.

But how I mentioned above, I want you to do well, so I propose one thing.

Any problem, difficulty or question you have, put it in the comments,  I will read and answer all the comments you leave trying to help you as much as possible.

And if you find the woman of your life thanks to this guide, invite me to the wedding.

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