How Does Tinder Dating App Work?

How Does Tinder Dating App Work?

What is Tinder?

Tinder is a very easy to use online dating app for people who prefer internet dating.

On most dating sites any person can message you, but with Tinder, only a user you have liked can get in contact with you.

The Tinder app matches people who like each other only based on looks which reduces chances of rejection.

After you have finished setting up your profile you just scroll through the pictures of people within the same geographic area and pick a person that you find attractive.

If the other person also likes you, then you have a match and you can start Tinder chatting directly from the app.

You can watch the video below to see how Tinder works and below the video you can find the exact and more detailed steps to follow how to set up Tinder and how Tinder works.

How Does Tinder Work [In 3 Simple Steps]:

How does Tinder work (in detail)

  1. You can download the Tinder app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or you can download the app directly from the Tinder site. The Tinder dating app is free to use. Read this article to see 10 useful Tinder Dating tips –> How does Tinder work [10 Tinder Dating Tips for Men]
  2. Tinder needs your Facebook profile to create a Tinder account. Log in using your Facebook account, just make sure your Facebook profile is setup accurately so your Tinder profile will also be accurate. Tinder will link you up with friends of your facebook friends or nearby people in your geographic area.
  3. Make sure you have the latest version of Facebook installed in order to use Tinder. Because Tinder uses your Facebook data it’s smart to update your Facebook profile info like your age, location, short description, interests and profile photos. If you have hidden your age on Facebook it won’t show on your Tinder profile. Also make sure that your photos can be seen by Facebook friends.
  4. Pick good photos, it’s the first thing that Tinder users will look at, you have to make sure you have 2 or 3 good photos that associate with your account, act natural. It would be better that you are the only one on the photos, it can give the wrong impression if you have pictures with a person of the opposite sex. Also the photos should be clear, not blurry. Have some pictures of different angles which show off your hobbies and interests, like a picture of you at the beach, hiking photo. If you have a picture of you and a dog it can be very helpful, especially if the dog is very cute.
  5. Edit your Tinder profile, try to keep the profile description and tagline short and sweet. If you don’t know what to write, just leave it blank. Most of the people are only looking at the photos anyway.
  6. Save your profile and you’re done. Get ready to start making Tinder matches. Read this useful article –> How to get more Tinder matches.
  7. Click the Settings menu and go to the upper-left corner. The menu options includes Profile, Home, Messaging, Settings and Invite. Within the Settings menu you can setup your preferred gender, proximity for matches and more…
  8. Choose your gender. To get the best matches it’s important to let users know you are male or female.
  9. Specify the proximity option and choose how wide the geographic distance for potential matches who use the app. If you have trouble finding matches you can try setting the geographic area to a larger distance. You need to have your GPS enabled to use Tinder.
  10. Specify the preferred age range you are willing to have as your partner.
  11. Choose the preferred gender or if you like both genders you can set it to both.
  12. Choose how you want to be notified (turn the vibration of your phone on or off when Tinder sends you a notification) when you receive a message or when a match has been made.

Enjoy…but most important, be yourself and try to stay positive so don’t be rude and stay nice. On the other end of the app there is a real human so keep it friendly.

If you have been chatting with your Tinder match for a while you should not wait too long to ask the person out. Don’t miss your opportunity since there are many other Tinder users out there as well who are probaply chatting with your Tinder match.

How does Tinder work when Tinder dating

So by now you figured out how the online dating app Tinder works and you discovered that Tinder is one of the best free online dating sites. You are ready for the next step… start Tinder dating!
If you have done your job well you have been chatting with her, getting her phone number and you are going on a date with her, YESS! But how does Tinder work exactly when going on a date, let me give you some good and helpfull dating tips. Do you want to make a good impression on your first date? Of course you do, just make sure you remember to follow these 10 simple yet very important Tinder dating tips for men.

The two most important first Tinder date tips

It’s very important to leave a good first impression in real life, after all internet chatting feels for many people a lot safer than looking a girl directly in the eyes and starting a good conversation.

After you master the principles on how to get more Tinder matches the main purpose of a successful first date is charming a girl and making a good impression when you’re trying to have her like you. With some men this just comes naturally, they are a natural date talent. But even if it all does not come so naturally, do not fear, do not worry., ,k nb ,j

There are only a few rules in making a good first impression on a first date.

Rule 1. Relax – Learn to relax during the date. Your date wants to impress you just as much as you want to impress her.
So instead of behaving as if you already lost the battle, dump your nervousness somewhere in the toilet and try to enjoy your Tinder date!
Rule 2. Talk – And secondly, be a good conversationalist. Nobody likes a man who does not talk, not even your own male friends. If you are not a big talker, keep some tips in mind during the date. As soon as you are at ease during the date, you will be capable to relax and communicate better.

10 first Tinder dating tips to charm a girl

A date is a game of chance, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not work. But if you want to ensure that your first date is perfect, here are 10 important first dating tips for men that can make a difference between a dreamy first date and a lost cause.

Tip 1. Choose the right place – Usually it’s the man who picks the location, so make sure you choose a place that gives a romantic vibe. There must be people, yet it must be isolated and feel private. If the date is during the day, try to find a surrounding with greenery (maybe a nice park), this creates the perfect touch of romance. And if the date is in the evening, nothing will beat a warm and cosy area with candles and a perfect setting.

Tip 2. Do not be late – Punctuality is very important on a first date, especially if you are the initiator. If you do not pick her up, make sure you are on time at the place of destination, so you’re already there before her. Women feel more relaxed and comfortable when they walk inside knowing that you are already waiting for her.

Tip 3. Plan something fun, and make her aware of your plans – Do not shut your date out while planning your date. Tell her what you have in mind, so she can prepare for the occasion. A perfect way to plan a good date is by visiting more places than one.

Tip 4. Be protective – An important first date tip which most men seem to forget. You do not have to wait for several dates to make the woman feel like a lady, or even better like a princess. Take good care of her and give her the feeling that she is safe in your presence.

Tip 5. Dress properly for the date – A girl takes more than an hour to get dressed and look good on the date, just to impress you and to look good for you. It is only fair to do something in return. Changing into something clean and fresh is the least you can do to feel respected by the girl. And they will surely be impressed when they see that you have done your best effort to look nice.

Tip 6. Seduce her with your scent – Smelling nice on a first date certainly has a lot of advantages. Every time you get close to her to say something, they can catch a hint of your masculine scent. And as long as it smells good, it will definitely leave a good impression on everygirl.

Tip 7. Hygiene – If you want to charm your date, then pay attention to you own hygiene and the same goes for your hair, nails and your breath. Bad breath is not done and can really ruin your date before you realise it. Therefore, throw a mint or gum in your mouth before your date starts.

Tip 8. Bragging – Many guys assume that bragging about their jobs or their exquisite taste in cars or drink usage would impress a girl in a short time. But contrary to what many men think, bragging is one of the largest turnoffs for women.
Ok… so if you want your date to know how great you are, try to talk about yourself without coming across as an arrogant showoff. Listen to her point of view, ask her questions about her own life and her work / study, and when the time comes you can talk about your own accomplishments. You can go into it further only if she asks you to tell her more about it. By doing this, you ‘ll not only seem like an interesting guy but it shows that you have class.

Tip 9. Go easy on the booze – Sometimes it’s very easy to get carried away when having a drink and before you know you are drinking too much unconsciously. This can happen if you’re nervous or excited about being in the company of such a beautiful girl. When you finally realize you’re drunk, you can end up in panic or become distracted because you are focused on trying to pretend you’re not drunk. It would be a safer choice to keep it limited to a few drinks.

Tip 10. Do not force your date into anything – You may have planned a few things for that night or maybe you want your date to try out a particular dish in the restaurant. Make a suggestion for your date and you seem like a nice guy. But if you try to force her to do something or try something is just annoying. If your date would feel like you’re forcing her to do or to try out something, she could definitely feel uncomfortable with this and you could ruin your chances for a second date.

So how does Tinder work when internet dating, just follow these 10 dating tips that are not very difficult to follow. And they are so easy to use on a date. So the next time you start a date, keep these useful dating tips for men in mind. You might even get lucky and get some sex 

How does Tinder work and how do you set up your profile

Dating app Tinder has grown to be very popular over the last couple of months, the app appears to be some kind of “hot or not” game where only users that like each other can chat with each other. But how does Tinder really work? Every day worldwide 500 million profiles are viewed. I will explain how this dating app precisely works…

How do you make a profile?

To start with you need a Facebook profile, without Facebook no Tinder. Tinder retrieves the firstname of Facebook and selects five images from the profile pictures. Those pictures can be changed and there may be a short biography that will be added to the profile. The app looks at your friends and your likes, this way information is given about shared interests with a potential match. Furthermore, you should only enter the gender and sexual preference and you can get started. Tinder does not send information to Facebook. There won’t be any posts from facebook that appear on Tinder without you tap them yourself.

So how does Tinder work?

You can download the tinder app for the iPhone and for Android. Install the app and login with your Facebook profile. You don’t have to worry that Tinder puts something on your Facebook profile. Nobody on Facebook can see that you are using Tinder. Next Tinder picks your interests to match users so you don’t have to fill in a lot of information. Once logged in on Tinder you get to see the other members’ photos. In addition, there is a cross and a heart. If you’re on the cross button, proceed to the next photo. With the heart, you indicate that you are interested in the user. Tinder then shows your photo to the users that you like. If he or she also likes you then the users are presented to each other in a dating chat window and you can start chatting. The profiles shown are only from people who are nearby. The location is based on GPS.


  • Tinder is a very easy and accessible way to find a date
  • Tinder only matches you with people in your area. So when you are in Paris you will get matches from Paris and if you are in New York you will get matches from New York
  • You don’t have to worry to get rejected, because if someone doesn’t like you, they will never know that you like them
  • In comparison to many dating sites the app is a FREE dating site!


  • Tinder dating is primarly focused on booty calls
  • Many conversations through Tinder lead to nothing
  • This app should not be focused on starting a serious relationship
  • The voting system is one major public meat inspection that focuses only on appearance

How did Tinder emerge?

The application was, like Facebook, first introduced at a party at the university of Southern California, the app was launched in September 2012 . The popularity grew rapidly and was downloaded in April 2013 about one hundred to two hundred times per month. Tinder only has apps for Android and iOS so Windows Phoneusers are out of the game. Officially, the application focuses on users between 18 and 25 years with a maximum age of 55 years .

I hope this article helped you getting a clear overview about Tinder, if you have any questions feel free to contact me!

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