Find Out Who Super Liked You on Tinder

Find Out Who Super Liked You on Tinder

Tinder has many features to help you find a partner. Do you know the Super likes? Here we explain everything

How to know when you are Super liked on Tinder

If you have come this far, it is because you are wondering how to know when you are Super liked on Tinder web . A very useful function to attract the attention of other users of this social network to flirt and that you can also receive. But when? How do you know? Can I find out who has Super Like me on Tinder? In this article we will tell you everything you should know about this curious function so that you can take advantage of it in your favor. Not one more league lost due to a misuse of the Super like on Tinder.

If what you are looking for is how to know when you are Super liked on Tinder, the answer is very simple. And there is a clear formula to find out: notifications. Check Tinder notifications well to know when you have been Super liked on Tinder. Such a notice should inform you that someone is especially interested or interested in you. That’s how easy it is. Of course, sometimes we delete notifications without realizing it. Or we have them silenced for whatever reason.

In this case, if we don’t have any Tinder Super Like notice, we just have to go to Tinder. We will not see any direct notice, but in our stack of profiles there will be one specially highlighted. It is likely that the first one will not appear, but after giving likes or dislikes to a few profiles you will see a special animation in blue, the same as the Super like. You will also see the star that represents this function, and that will mark the card of that profile in a special way.

There is a third way to know when you have been Super liked on Tinder. But this case is only for users with Tinder Gold or Tinder Platinum. If you have it, you just have to go through the Likes section to find the likes of other users and also the Super likes. In this way you can see it directly without having to slide your finger through profiles until one of them appears.

And that’s it, you already know that you have been Super liked and how to find it. But do you know how the Tinder Super like works?


If your questions are about how the Tinder Search Super like works then keep reading. Now we are going to tell you all the ins and outs so that you know this function and nothing escapes you.

The Super Likes are a long-standing function now. They have been present on Tinder since 2015, when they began to be seen in a staggered way in the dating application. Its function is very clear: to attract the attention of a specific user. Something that saves steps in this of sliding profiles and multiplies by 3 the chances of having a match. And not only that, but it can help us to make someone notice us and not go unnoticed as another profile for that other person.

The key here, in knowing how Tinder’s Super likes work, is that by giving one the other person receives a notification and special notice. Thus, our profile appears highlighted in their stack of profiles, drawing their attention to like or dislike us, I like it or I don’t like it. And one more advantage: the Super like already works as a like, so if the other person likes your Super like, it will automatically become a match.

In short, sending or receiving Super Likes is a way to attract attention. It does not guarantee the match, but at least your profile will stand out from the rest for the other person. One swipe to the right of your crush and you’ve already done half the work.


But let’s get to the hard point. Tinder Super Likes are not free. And in fact they are limited. How many Super Likes does Tinder give you? Well, it depends on the subscription you have to the paid version of this dating app, or the money you have paid. If you are a free user, Tinder gives you one free Super like per month. One and only one. But I tell you more options:

As a basic user, you will not be able to Super Like on Tinder. Or, at most, you will get an offer or gift of a Super like to find out how it works and get hooked on its mechanics, in case Tinder makes you become a paying user. If you want to give more Super likes or have some in the bedroom without being Tinder Gold or Tinder Premium, then you can pay for Super like packages. Currently there are three options in this case: a pack of 4, a pack of 20 or a pack of 40 Super Likes. Each one with a different price: the more Super likes, the cheaper the price of each one. They range from 2.49 each in the pack of 4, to 2.09 euros each Super like in the 20 pack and 1.62 euros per unit in the case of 40 Super likes. So the packages, except for variable prices, usually cost around 10,

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