Miami, FL


March 30

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Am a single Mother, i live alone with my daughter, i am self employed, i deals with the buying and selling of designer cloths and jewelries.. i am an Hard hearing Patient (Not deaf just Hard hearing)... i love my daughter so much because she means everything to me, i have a good sense of humor and i love to be around people that make me smile.. i am a very hardworking lady, am confident, loyal, honest, caring, understanding, trustworthy and compassionate, i always i believe in myself and i dont depend on anybody (Am Miss Independent)... I'm "crazy" about all pets, especially dogs,I love the sun, flowers and i love walking along the white sandy beaches, feeling cool breeze from the ocean, watching the waves and listening to their tender whisper. i also love cooking and playing video games in my free time at home.. feel free to contact me and ask me anything else you care to know about me.

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