Andalusia, AL


October 26

About me :

I will begin by saying I am probably not the average woman, I am very unique, I am sure you will have lots of questions on this one. I love deep and hard, it's just who I am. I look at life different than most people. I cherish the moments and hope to make memories. I try really hard not to sweat the small things, the things that we won't even remember in six months. Belly dancing was part of my life for a while, loved it !! Hoping to get back into it.. Had to have a surgery and some of the girls in our troupe moved, but the gypsy is still in my soul. I love to cuddle up and watch something good on tv. I think good communication is a must. I love being creative, if it's paint a wine glass or old window pane.. I am currently redoing my coffee table just because I wanted to see if i could do it. (so far so good) I am a born and bred southern girl...A very true saying " You can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl" No, I don't ride horses but if you have a Harley I won't be mad, I am ready to ride, lol.. I believe in a woman taking care of her man just as the Bible says. Love, Honor and trust. I love to spoil. Yes, I work and I take care of myself but I do believe in the roles the Bible gives us. Which on another note, I would like to go ahead and get this out there, I do have tattoo's..I have had someone tell me two years later they don't like tattoo's. Sad, just wasted time ! You would never know I had as many as I do unless we are at the beach or I told you. Most are hid under my clothes. They are part of me, some I drew myself and had tattoo'd on. They do not define me, they just make up who I am.. And that doesn't mean I am not a God fearing woman. I very much believe in my God. I am working on all these questions and site, so I can not respond at the moment but that will come shortly. Hopefully I will meet the man God has made for me

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  • hi Darling how are you hoprfuly you are doing well,,,I.am very interested to know more about you  I,am ispanish fron Dominican republic  living in ottawa capital de canada., doing well and I,realy like your profile take care for now Bebe,,,have a,very beautifll day sweet Darling xoxoxoxo anthony1F60D.pngSantaBoy.gif

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