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Tinder pc is a dating app that has quickly gained ground in the Netherlands but also in other countries worldwide. 



The app shows your photos to other singles after which they can like your photos or not. You also get to see photos of other singles that you may also like or not. If both singles like each other then there is a match. This is just the beginning. The pleasure is not to swipe the photos to the right and left. The goal of Tinder is to bring singles together. Here are some tips that men can use to meet a woman through Tinder:


Start the conversation yourself

Although women are increasingly taking the initiative, they still want the man to make the first move. Women want men to make them feel special. You do that as a man by making the first move and starting the conversation.

"Hello" is not enough

Is that all you have to say to a potential partner? That is what the woman thinks if you only send "Hello" as the first message. It comes across as lazy and unoriginal. If you can't say more than "Hello" as the opening of the conversation, you don't have much chance.


Ask questions

By asking questions you show that you are interested in the other. It is a good indication that a conversation is going well if you are not the only person asking the questions. If you answer a woman's question, don't forget to ask aquestion. A good conversation gives room for both to ask the other one after the other.

Use smileys

Sending messages via Tinder is different from a normal conversation. You cannot show your emotions when you say something that makes it difficult to emphasize something. Use the smileys to indicate if you are joking or surprised. The smileys are easy to convey feelings that are difficult to translate with words alone.

Search for common interests

A good topic to talk about is shared interests. What does she like to do? Does she like running and you too? Use that as a subject to continue. Everyone likes to talk about things they like.

Give the other person time and space

Many people on Tinder have a life outside of Tinder. Take that into account. If you send a message to the woman, she answers, you send something back and she stops responding for a few hours; don't send more messages. You will then soon be seen as a stalker after which you will be blocked.

Ask for a meeting

Many people have been around for far too long. Do you want to meet up with the woman? Then ask her the question; “ Do you want to meet soon?" You can do this better by texting or Whatsapp or simply by calling her. This is more personal and it is good to have contact information from each other when a meeting is imminent.

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