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Make new friends online, or start dating 2019

Make new friends online, or start dating someone new, but always be alert.


Many singles use websites and apps to make new friends or find casual or serious relationships. This method is no longer a taboo. In fact, it has become a social trend. According to Tinder , of the nine million singles over 18 who started new relationships last year, half used Internet dating, and it is estimated that this number will grow by at least 7% per year in the coming years . As the popularity of online dating increases, it is important to consider personal safety. If you're trying to find your soul mate on the Internet, remember that knowledge is power, and you could be risking more than just a broken heart. Kaspersky Lab shares a number of tips for safe dating:

  • Be aware of what you share
    • Even if you have been careful not to provide your phone number, address, or personal email when making plans for a rendezvous, someone can still track you on social networks. For example, if someone is attracted to your profile on a dating site, they can find you on Facebook. And if, by chance, you have just posted that you are headed to particular restaurant, your virtual security has collapsed. To avoid this, remember to consider the safety of online dating and use high security settings on all of your social networking accounts.
    • Beware of applications like Instagram that broadcast your exact location online and set your security restrictions to only give trusted people access to personal information and activities.
    • Playing with digital fire. Location-based mobile meet-ups have become a rising trend in the online dating industry. Singles are leaving traditional Internet dating sites for these GPS applications.


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