It's the silly season...My SWIPER !

It's the silly season...Which means getting your swipe on and scoring a Tinderella over summer is top priority! Sexologist, sexuality coach, tantra practitioner and author Juliet Allen dishes on the top tips for making (and keeping) your Tinder game strong over the holiday period.


It’s no secret that I’ve recently done a fair bit of ‘market research’ on Tinder…and let’s just say, it’s a hell of a jungle out there. Gentleman, listen up, if you’re serious about Tinder, and you genuinely want to match up with a sex goddess like myself, then I suggest most of you consider a major overhaul of your profiles…immediately.

Don’t get me wrong, you’re not all bad, in fact some of you are incredibly genuine, hot, amazing men…what I’m saying is that Tinder is all about how you present yourself, and putting up four photos of your dog isn’t exactly going to get you the swipe rights that you deserve.

So, here’s six simple and effective ways to spice up your Tinder profile and get you more matches than you every imagined possible:

Think of your profile as your personal brandalex-blajan-gX-bQbm37ZI-unsplash.jpg?fit=234%2C350&ssl=1

Eye catching, well thought-out branding is essential for any successful product or service that’s on the market … that includes you, gentleman. I encourage you to think about your Tinder profile as your very own ‘personal brand’. Get busy curating a profile that gives women a damn good idea of who you are (or who you want to be).

Put up at least one photo that clearly shows your eyes

Oh my God, the amount of men who just put up photos in sunglasses (and sh*t sunglasses at that) is incredible. Men, women love eye contact! Your eyes are the ‘gateway to your soul’ (no, seriously)…show us what your eyes look like so that we can somehow virtually connect in and get the full picture of what your face would look like while you’re naked on top of us.

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Please, no photos of kids

Fair enough, you want the world to know you’re a ‘super Dad’, or you’re ‘Uncle of the year’ and yes, hot dads definitely get my vote. But please, DO NOT put up photos of you and your kid on Tinder! Seriously, do you want an image of your child on a dating app for the world to see? Have some decent respect for the children and keep their precious little faces off your profile.

Limit dog photos to ONE

Okay, we get it, you’re a dog lover, and so am I. But the amount of men who post JUST dog photos is ludicrous. Reality is, I don’t need to know if I’m attracted to your dog, I need to know if I’m attracted to YOU. So please, limit photos of you and your dog to just one.

No group shots!

You have a heap of friends, awesome, but I’m not on Tinder to date your friends (well, not knowingly that is). Plus, if you put up a group shot of you and your mates I may not even know which guy is you. And then it’s confusing. So zero group photos, please.

Stop trying to be a cool smart ass, and be real

So you’ve got the match, yippee! Now it’s time to use your brain and your charm and hook that Goddess in with some decent chat. Don’t try to be anything that you’re not, us wise women see straight through the bullshit. Be yourself, be authentic and ask for what you want. Simple as that.

- Juliet Allen

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