There are hundreds of stories that involve human being and animals, I could say that I don’t like to call them “animals”, because they’ve been part of my life since I have use of reason, that was an amazing experience and because of that I’m really grateful to my parents and grandparents.

I have always considered my pets as friends, they are my pillow to cry, something warm to cuddle and they help me to be better when I’m not okay and I cannot find words to say what I am feeling.

They’ve been there always for me, doesn’t matter where I am, even when our beds are not the same ones as when we were younger or if we have a new partner, they are and will be always by our side.

They are part of our best memories, part of our family or even part of a group of people that decide to live together, our pets are even in our dreams, in our deepest desires, in our hidden fears, they are everything.

When we are kids our parents teach us that we must respect and love every single living being, that is as well a way of life that we can’t escape, its even simpler, we are not eternal and we should joy every single minute of life. When we are growing up we learn that we must pay attention to a lot of things in life, we may notice that we are not making good decision in our way of living or we may put all our effort to charity, help others, do activities that in the end of the day heal us.



People sometimes don’t realise that there are a lots of pets without home, and everyone should help them, not just animal protectionists.

I’ve always been interested in animals, in a motherly way, part of my personality, just like it happens to many people who wake up and go out to put a glass of water o food for stray animals. I buy it or get it from a shelter. We all should take part of this movement. We should be more human.

This first article is dedicated to all my doggy friends who does everything they can for the animals… they love them and look after them even in the middle of the night. When a dog or cat is missing they help the owners to get them back, because they know how much they love them. Out pets are a very important part of out community and our world and we adore them. They make us feel better when we are sad and lonely, they can make us smile.

I know many users are alone and they spend their time with their dogs, so they feel loved and not lonely. In this website we will post information about all of this: how to take care of them, basically, and make them feel as loved as they make us feel.


Don’t forget to hug your flurry friends, every day, look them into their eyes and tell them they’re essential to your life. They rely on us, they need us… they can’t go the supermarket and get their own food, we have to feed them. And this is the problem with stray dogs, we have to look after them because if not they will die.

Let’s change the world together, we can do it if we adopt a stray dog.

We invite you to be part of this new website. Share your stories with your dogs… And vets are also welcome!!