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Martha, The Ugliest Dog In The World (2017)



The Sonoma – Marin fair in Petaluma, California hosted 14 dogs in the annual competition for the ugliest dogs in the world; Where a Neapolitan mastiff, named Martha, was crowned winner in the 29th edition of the World’s Most Ugly Dog Contest.

The new winner of this unusual competition is three years old, her weight is 56 kilos and a significant amount of skin and wrinkles are the reasons why she is special. Her owner, Shirley Zindler, mentions that for her her pet “is unique and beautiful“.



Zindler, sheltered this Mastiff when she was about to be completely blind, due to a negligence of her previous owners, but thanks to the support of her current owner and after a few surgeries she can see well and enjoy her life.


Their imperfections and rarities make them unique and adorable

says Karen Spencer, director of marketing for the contest.


Martha was undoubtedly one of the favourites for the public of the north of California managing to defeat 13 of its “rivals” with her great size, abundant wrinkled skin and her face that emanates an enviable calm.


Martha is a nice “gentle giant”


The amazing animal was the winner of $ 1,500 dollars, an eye-catching trophy and a trip to New York for media appearances.

The second place was for “Moe” a 16-year-old griffon-pug mix, with a great smell, but lost from his ear and his sight, was the oldest pet in the contest; Whose owner is Miriam Tcheng.

And third place went to “Chase” a 14-year-old  crested Chinese-harke mix, owned by Storm Shayler.


Many of the contestants are dogs that were rescued and later adopted.


Every year the contest is held in the United States with the sole aim of encouraging the adoption of dogs that have been rescued.


No animal is ugly and even only their look reflect their unconditional love that reach more to the heart than any word, theirs is a real and unique beauty that many humans would like to have.

They give us their loyalty, gratitude, trust, forgiveness and fellowship without any limit and in their purest expression. In short, they are our four-legged angels.

Adopt a pet and be happy!

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